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Posted by Bryan Long on July 17th, 2013

Last night, WSB-TV asked Gov. Nathan Deal about his new tenant, Copart, Inc., a Texas-based company which is also one of Georgia’s largest debtors.

In May, Gov. Deal sold his auto salvage business to Copart, but he kept the land.

He and a business partner are now each drawing $10,000 in rent each month from a company that hasn’t paid a $74 million tax debt from 2007 to 2011.

$74 million could hire 1,400 teachers.

For the first time last night, Gov. Deal spoke about the business deal instead of standing behind his lawyer.


“I had no knowledge of it, for one thing,” the governor said, “and certainly they will get no preferential treatment.”

Gov. Deal profited from a company that owes Georgia big.

And that’s just wrong.

He says he didn’t know. But now he knows.

Gov. Deal should not continue to personally profit from one of the state’s biggest debtors while the company (his tenant) asks the state (run by Gov. Deal) to lower or remove the debt.

Gov. Deal shouldn’t take another dime from this company until they’ve paid every penny.

Sign and share the petition: Tell Gov. Deal to collect Copart’s back taxes before pocketing their rent.

After all, we’re not talking about peanuts.

$74 million is 12.6% of Georgia’s current financial reserve and several times the entire budget of many state agencies.

But Gov. Deal didn't know. And now that he knows, he is ready to pass the buck.

“The Department of Revenue that has jurisdiction over this will deal with this case just like they dealt with other cases,” the governor told WSB.

Guess what, governor?

The Department of Revenue reports directly to you. You appointed Douglas J. MacGinnitie as the Department of Revenue Commissioner in 2011.

Go collect that $74 million from your new tenant.

Until then, don’t profit from this deal.

Click here to sign the petition.

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