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Posted by Bryan Long on October 18th, 2012

Late last night, State Rep. Buzz Brockway published a campaign attack ad from GOP candidate Chris Boedeker that falsely accused State Rep. Scott Holcomb of "using illegal drugs while in the service."

But beyond that laughably false and legally irresponsible accusation, the ad reveals what Rep. Brockway and Boedeker really think about U.S. military service. They think military service is fair game for political attacks.

Boedeker's attack ad attempted to paint Rep. Holcomb's honest acknowledgement of his 12 years of service in the U.S. Army as "bragging." Apparently Rep. Brockway and candidate Boedeker think there's something wrong with a long, distinguished U.S. military career that includes three overseas deployments in support of the operations in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Why else would they suggest that Rep. Holcomb was "bragging" by acknowledging his service?

Our nation holds national holidays to honor this kind of selfless service. Rep. Holcomb's military career should never be used as a political attack.

And anyone who would consider using it as a political attack isn't fit to serve in Georgia's General Assembly.

But let's dig a little deeper.

Boedeker's libelous and false attack ad was funded by campaign contributions from House Speaker David Ralston, Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones and most of the GOP House leadership.

Sign our petition to tell Speaker Ralston and Speaker Pro Tem Jones to denounce the ad and apologize to Rep. Holcomb.

Although Rep. Brockway certainly knew the content of the political ad when he posted the video to Peach Pundit, I doubt Speaker Ralston, Speaker Pro Tem Jones and the rest of the Republican leadership were aware of the contents of the ad until they saw Rep. Brockway's blog post or Jim Galloway's AJC article.

Now they need to make sure Georgia voters know that they don't stand by these attacks on anyone's military service -- Republican or Democrat.

Sign our petition to tell Speaker Ralston and Speaker Pro Tem Jones to denounce the ad and apologize to Rep. Holcomb.

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