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Posted by Bryan Long on October 8th, 2012

Last week, Gov. Deal gave us a look into the future of Georgia public schools and education.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WSB-TV and others reported that Gov. Deal picked a finalist for the Georgia Lottery CEO.

His pick?

Well, she currently works in the Governor’s office and will be the first Georgia Lottery CEO with no state lottery experience.

With the HOPE Scholarship in crisis, Gov. Deal handpicked someone who needs on-the-job training. There’s no evidence of a nationwide search for this $400,000-per-year job.

Click the image below to hear what I had to say about the appointment on WSB's 6 p.m. Friday newscast:

WSB-TV Better Georgia

The Charter School Connection.

But what do the Georgia Lottery and the HOPE Scholarship crisis have to do with charter schools?

If Georgia voters approve Amendment 1 in November, the state will create a new Atlanta-based agency to tell you and your neighbors how to spend your education tax dollars.

And only three people will be allowed to submit candidates for this new agency: Gov. Deal, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and House Speaker David Ralston.

Here are just a few of Gov. Deal’s appointments so far:

  • Toby CarrGDOT Planning Director — A political adviser to Gov. Deal, Carr has no previous transportation experience.
  • State Sen. Jim ButterworthAdjutant General, Georgia National Guard — Gov. Deal advanced State Sen. Butterworth six ranks to make this appointment. Butterworth had left the Air Guard with the rank of captain — but now wears the uniform of a two-star general.
  • Patricia PridemoreDirector of the Governor's Office of Workforce Development — After appointing his political ally to this post, Gov. Deal increased her budget by 1,339 percent to $73.4 million.

How can we trust Gov. Deal to appoint competent people to this new agency who will ultimately control billions of dollars set aside for education?

And what happens if he appoints people who care more about profit than public education?

We don’t need another governor-appointed state agency to tell us how to educate our children or how to spend our tax dollars.

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