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Posted by Bryan Long on April 16th, 2012

It's often difficult for progressives to acknowledge corporations, like Coca-Cola, for the good decisions they make.

Too often, we have a knee-jerk reaction to bash companies for being too focused on their bottom line and accuse them of neglecting their community and their workers.

This tight focus on "bad corporations" leaves us open to criticism from radical, right-wing politicians like Rep. Buzz Brockway who pulls out tired, old talking points to say "the Left is anti-business."

With this in mind, Better Georgia would like to thank Coca-Cola for being a strong leader in Atlanta, in Georgia and globally. We're not thanking them for their business acumen but for their leadership on a long list of issues that progressives care about deeply.

It's a powerful list:

The list could go on for pages but then we would be accused of being a corporate shill. The truth is that Coca-Cola has worked tirelessly for decades to be a good corporate partner in Georgia.

I wasn't surprised to find out that Coca-Cola was the first company to publicly announce that it would leave the radical, right wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). While Coca-Cola is a multi-national corporation with quarterly profit projections to meet, the company has always presented a brand of openness and inclusiveness.

Progressive values can be profitable.

Coca-Cola's resignation from ALEC fits with the long track record of progressive achievements the company has earned.

Even though we may receive negative mail from the harshest anti-corporate Left, Better Georgia isn't afraid to stand up and acknowledge good deeds when and where they are done.

Now let's hope that UPS, Cox Communications and the Southern Company will follow Coca-Cola's lead.

We are Georgians who are ready to once again lead the South.

Better Georgia is the state's fastest growing progressive advocacy organization. We are here to make sure our elected officials listen to Georgia families and the people who work hard each day. We fight to make sure elected officials pass sensible laws and policies that benefit everyone, not just corporations and the political elite.

Better Georgia is ready for our state to once again lead the South. We want strong communities and schools. We want quality jobs and a culture that attracts the best businesses.

The debate in Georgia has been between the right and the far right for too long. Better Georgia is working to change the debate and change our state. With your help, Georgia will be better than ever.

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